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Welcome to Intelligent Locking – the method by which to generate Intelligent Storage and Intelligent Storage solutions. Intelligent locking – a simple but affordable electronic system that can be applied to any storage unit, anywhere, and in any industry.

Intelligent Locking has been at the forefront of total access control via patented electronic locking technology. This can be applied to almost any storage medium thereby creating a secure storage solution, capable of monitoring, controlling, recording, storing and protecting anything of value.

The Intelligent Locking system from CasC Systems Ltd comprises of a master core module (intelligent controller) and various sub-modules which all communicate with each other on a bus system.

Using the master-slave technology allows a completely flexible locking solution to be built in order to suit individual requirement.

The intelligent locking core module, (CasCMaster or intelligent controller) will easily integrate with many third-party inventory control, stock management or asset management programs, allowing seamless integration into the workplace.

The complete system, identified as “Intelligent Storage” offers a full Access Control system, applicable to the storage equipment rather than the building, which is offering you total control from inside your organisation and provides protection and control of anything which is of value or requires confidentiality or security.

Intelligent storage solutions will easily integrate with many third party stock control software allowing seamless workplace integration or we can provide the entire solution.

Our intelligent storage solutions are found in many environments from engineering and manufacturing, inclusive of aerospace and defence, to NHS, pharmaceutical, museums, motor sport and the Police Force and are used to protect and distribute everything from blood samples, to tools and components, through to documents, precious artefacts, police “Airwave” radios, car keys and lap top computers.

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Intelligent storage cabinet in use at European Aircraft manufacturer


Intelligent Locking & Intelligent Storage are trading names of CasC Systems Ltd



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